The surprising Teac A-3340S

From a friend of mine I recently received a Teac A-3340S in good condition. Here is a picture of it:


Teac A-3340S in good condition

My friend had just acquired it and asked me to take a look at the levels and to do an overall adjustment of the deck for him. This is I believe the first 4-track quadro deck by Teac, introduced in 1973. The deck is very very heavy and very very well built. This particular deck is also very well kept, there are no signs of usage and it looks like it has just come out of the shop. Remarkable as this deck was in production from 1973 until 1978.

IMG_20130802_090704 IMG_20130802_090722












After I serviced it, it sounded wonderful! It was a pity I had to return it to my friend, but well, it was his deck.

2 thoughts on “The surprising Teac A-3340S

  1. Francis Farrell


    I have a TEAC A3340s and one of the VU meters is not working, Can you advise me how to remove the VU meters from this model and where I can buy a new meter???

    1. Philip van der Matten Post author

      It is a very long time ago. Please have a look at the Service Manual at, it will be in there.
      Also there are a lot of tapedeck forums, you can try to ask there!


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