Servicing the new ReVox PR99 with new VU lamps and roller bearing

Hello all,

Today I have been busy servicing my new ReVox PR99. This deck is built like a tank (to use an too often heard metaphor regarding tape decks) and it is working well. It is a 2 track deck which is designed for heavy use, like in studios and broadcast facilities. It is world famous for that.

But when I received it – actually I fetched it from way across Holland – I immediately noticed three small things wrong with it:

  • the VU meter lights were not working
  • the left tape guide roller bearing was making noise
  • and the infrared tape sensor incorrectly identified tape as being leader tape and switches off. This happens with some tapes that are apparently too thin 🙂

So I ordered and received 2 spare bulbs (from a webshop) and one new roller bearing (from ebay Germany) and opened the unit up.


rear view



P1020841 P1020842 P1020843 P1020844 P1020845 P1020846 P1020847 P1020848 P1020849 P1020850



without case







First I removed the siderails and the frontplate knobs




Then I removed the face plate all together.






Get the meters and the controls out





Remove old and insert new bulb





Testing….yes! Part 1 is done!





Remove the bits around the heads.
Also a good time to do some cleaning.





Remove the old roller bearing





And put the new one in place. Part 2 done!






Also put the unit on 240 Volts






This is the test point where the tape sensor should be measured





And this is the potentiometer that should be adjusted.






All done! There is light in the dark!

4 thoughts on “Servicing the new ReVox PR99 with new VU lamps and roller bearing

  1. Ivan vdk

    Hallo. Sinds 2 weken heb ik n PR 99 mk2 in goede conditie. Wat ik wel merk is dat de digitale counter niet exact de juiste tijd opgeeft doch trager elke sec toont. Enig idee hoe ik dit dien aan te passen? Kan jij me info geven voor wat de verschillende toetsen dienen en hoe te gebruiken? Z lock, A lock, set, reset, etc…. ik zoek vruchteloos op internet doch geraak niet ad informatie. Graag reactie. Groeten. Ivan, België.

  2. Timmo Meyer

    And you think you are ready servicing your PR99?? You have only just begun! You didn’t replace the dreaded Evox Rifa smoke bombs and the large 2200µF Frako electrolytics yet? Then you’d better do it NOW, before those Frakos short and take with them the bridge rectifiers and fuses. Believe me: they ALL end up like that! I’ve seen it many times before, I serviced and completely restored some 5 ReVox R2R recorders now.



    Effectivement il faut prévoir une remise à niveau complète tout les condensateurs tantales et électrolytiques doivent être remplacé leurs valeurs sont dans les choux,les rifa bien entendu,ainsi que les condos des trois moteurs,sans oublier les bandes de freins et leurs réglages prévoir ficelles et outil de mesure ,nettoyage des bandes métal sans les plier n’y mettre les doigts dessus avec du triclo les pates métalliques des freins ne doivent logiquement pas être plié,ensuite prendre le manuel de maintenance et procéder aux réglages avec les matériels de mesure appropriés.


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