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PM2505 electr VAΩ meter Philips transistor list

This is the transistor list inside the PM2505:

BC548 2x
BF256A 3x
BC549C 2x
BC558 1x
BC559 1X

In case you need to replace them 🙂

I replaced almost all of them in an effort to fix my multimeter. It did not function anymore. When I turned on the meter, the needle would go straight into the far right corner and do nothing, whatever the dial or switches setting.

After replacing the transistors and 2 caps that are on the board, I assembled it and when I wanted to test it I found out that one of the small metal balls that operate the function switch Volt-Ampère-Ohm had come loose and was freely inside the case. This is not good of course.

So I secured it in the correct place, the function switch is working as it should and the meter is also functioning perfectly! Happyhappyhappy!