Another Studer Tapedeck Has Finally Arrived! The Studer B67 Mark II

So, I got myself another Studer. This is the Studer B67 Mark II. It is in very nice condition. The model was introduced by Willy in 1975, and it is the first model that came out after the famous A80 (that I also have, which was introduced in 1970) and it is more compactly build. It has been in production until 1989. There have been 18 version of this model produced throughout the years. It was very popular with the BBC who bought a lot of units.

It is quite a heavyweight with 35 kg. I really like to handle it with two persons 😂. I have the Mark II version with the VU meters built-in.

The B67 MK2 offers the following additional features:

  1. Easier access to the tape heads for better marking and cleaning
  2. Improved editing: The tape tension sensors are mechanically blocked in stop mode, at the same time the brake moment is automatically reduced.
  3. Tape lifter defeat in wind mode. Both push buttons “fast forward” and ”rewind” must be pressed simultaneously in order to activate the ”defeat“ function. After this initial activation, one push button (< or >) must be constantly pressed to maintain the defeat function. This is not possible from
    the remote control.
  4. Spacing of the spooling motors has been increased. This allows the use of 282mm (11.1 inch) spools or up to 1000m (3281 ft) of tape.
  5. Tape tension adjustments are accessible from top (front, next to audio adjustments).
  6. Drop out of record mode when pressing play.
  7. Dump editing mode (spooling motor off) is improved: counter stops automatically (jumper selectable); motor off can be activated in all modes.
  8. Reproduce amplifiers have an additional filter which rolls off frequencies above 20 kHz. This results in a better noise figure.
  9. The timer roller mass has been reduced and the roller is equipped with a ball bearing.
  10. The audio basis board has been completely modified. The positions of the stabilizer and of the pilot amplifier have been changed. Most wire harnesses are of plug-in type and the connectors are easily accessible on the right—hand side of the basis board.
    Connectors are provided for: VU meter panel (2 CH or mono), mono/stereo switch, safe/ready switch, monitor amplifier, pilot tone connection.
  11. The power cable to the mains switch is soldered onto the logic board. A coded connection is provided at the power supply.
  12. The recorder has been modified according to the IEC recommendations.

This is the 2 track halftrack with butterfly heads. 3 Speeds (9,5 – 19 – 38 cm/s).

I got it from Germany. It came very well crated.

It has been one and a half year in the making before the deal could be finalized, because of all kinds of circumstances, including COVID-19 related stuff. But, it is finally here and I am really happy with it. I got it from a guy who has his own studio, and the guy (as I will call him) had already recapped the deck and replaced all suspicious parts throughout the machine (power supply etc.) and replaced bad parts (pinch roller) and adjusted and replaced the brakes.

He also, as a service, has calibrated the B67 perfectly for my preferred tape – AGFA/BASF PER528.

Everything is nicely organized in insertable cards.

There are a lot of possibilities in this deck. The tape path and the tape handling are super smooth.

And it sounds wonderful! The guy I bought the Studer from supplied a tape that was recorded in his studio and that tape sounds very, very good.
I have put the Studer B67 in a trolley now to be able to play pancakes.

It is a very nice, and very welcome addition the the family!

Here’s the video:

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