Cleaning contacts in audio equipment

file_342_9To clean contacts in audio equipment, I do the following:

  1. clean the contact with Kontakt 60
    this will dissolve the corrosion and is slightly acidic. Follow up with 2 & 3.
  2. clean the contact with Kontakt WL or IPA
    this will rinse the contact clean and evaporate completely
  3. protect the contact with Kontakt 61
    this will put a protective layer on the contacts to prevent corrosion and wear so that you won’t have to do this again next year 🙂

For potentiometers don’t use 60, this will erode the internals. Use Kontakt 390 or Kontakt Tuner(600). Tuner works very well.

Kontakt 390 is an old Philips recipe and should be an all-in-one solution. I have not used it yet.

Don’t use contactspray!

Good luck!

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