Philips N4522 (twice) and another N4520: new arrivals!

I recently went on a road trip and came back with:

  • a Philips N4522 2-track. This machine is in very good condition and has recently been serviced in Germany.
  • another N4522 2-track, but this one is going to need some TLC. There are some issues with it, although none of them are serious problems. But I just like to fix it as much as possible.
  • another N4520 4 track. I already have one, but this new arrival is not recording well. This has probably something to do with the levels, but I have not looked into it yet.

So now a have a total of 4 Philips N452X machines and that looks like this:

The two on the left with the white VU meters are the 2 track stereos, and the two on the right are the 4 track stereo machines.

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3 thoughts on “Philips N4522 (twice) and another N4520: new arrivals!

  1. Jonas G

    Nice finds! Do you have any spare parts for the N4520 tapemachines? Mine has a broken pinch roller shaft and a broken reel table and it seems almost impossible to find those parts here in Sweden.

    I think the N4520 is by far the best tape deck I have owned. Fsx heads, the bias adjustment, three speeds makes it very useful and I think it has been very relable until totay 🙂

    1. PhilipAdmin

      Hello Jonas,

      They do sound very, very good when they are in good shape.
      Unfortunately I do not have the spare parts you require. I hope you find them, you might get lucky on ebay one day.
      (It is almost worth the extra money to buy a spare deck for the parts 😀 )



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