Philips N4522 (twice) and another N4520: new arrivals!

I recently went on a road trip and came back with:

  • a Philips N4522 2-track. This machine is in very good condition and has recently been serviced in Germany.
  • another N4522 2-track, but this one is going to need some TLC. There are some issues with it, although none of them are serious problems. But I just like to fix it as much as possible.
  • another N4520 4 track. I already have one, but this new arrival is not recording well. This has probably something to do with the levels, but I have not looked into it yet.

So now a have a total of 4 Philips N452X machines and that looks like this:

The two on the left with the white VU meters are the 2 track stereos, and the two on the right are the 4 track stereo machines.

18 thoughts on “Philips N4522 (twice) and another N4520: new arrivals!

  1. Jonas G

    Nice finds! Do you have any spare parts for the N4520 tapemachines? Mine has a broken pinch roller shaft and a broken reel table and it seems almost impossible to find those parts here in Sweden.

    I think the N4520 is by far the best tape deck I have owned. Fsx heads, the bias adjustment, three speeds makes it very useful and I think it has been very relable until totay 🙂

    1. PhilipAdmin

      Hello Jonas,

      They do sound very, very good when they are in good shape.
      Unfortunately I do not have the spare parts you require. I hope you find them, you might get lucky on ebay one day.
      (It is almost worth the extra money to buy a spare deck for the parts 😀 )


      1. Ian Staley

        just a question here, do you know the details of the VU lamps, I have one that is broken? where I might get one or the details of the lamp to get a different one, maybe a LED that would be suitable?
        Ian Staley

        1. Ian Staley

          Now I have another problem my VU meters have decided to die. Any idea how to get some more two would be nice.

  2. Hans van der Voort

    I’m also a N4520 owner. Mine has worn out heads — at least, they look awful. Do you have any idea whether replacement heads can be found?
    Maybe the electronics in one of the recording channels has a problem too, should be fixable.

    Regards, Hans

    1. Philip van der Matten Post author

      Congratulations! This deck, when in perfect condition, is capable of producing awesome results and should sound great!
      Unfortunately, I do not know of any replacement heads. They need to come from a donor machine I’m afraid.

  3. Jun Long

    Hello sir
    I have bought a N4520 recently. But one VU-meter is broken down. Do you have this meter for selling?

  4. oscar jose segade

    hello there I have the change of buying a Philips n 4522 here in Argentina,only 2 issues the power button does not hold,and the play stops after a little while,i have been told is something to replace on the play button,should I get it anyway if the price is okay. I ve read is an excellent sounding machine,but no replacement parts,it will be my first reel to reel deck,hanks in advance for your help

    1. Philip van der Matten Post author

      Hello Oscar,

      Please realise that the 4522 is a 2-track machine, not a 4 track. The Power button is just nuisance, not a show stopper. You can plug/unplug the machine.
      It’s difficult to say what is the problem that the playing stops. Maybe it will need some fixing. Depends on whether you are handy if you can fix it yourself. 🙂
      However, if you are serious about tapedecks, this IS a highly sought-after model, even by audiophiles, that sounds just incredible when it is in top condition.
      Good luck!

  5. Robbert van Gom

    Daar readers,

    Happy of anyone can tell me how to remove the mid part of the front cover of my N4522 to replace the “power button”.


  6. Ian Staley

    looking for the name badge across the front of the N4520 the aluminium strip, any ideas as to a source please. Ian Staley


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