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This page is also for the Philips DCC730.

They have the same tapemechanism.


  • snaren:
    • capstansnaar lengte dubbelgevouwen is ongeveer 150 mm, of iets korter. breedte 3mm, dikte 0,5 mm.
straal      | radius :	         48mm
omtrek      | circumference :	300mm
diameter    | diameter:          95mm
plat        | flat lenght :	150mm
    • een 2e én 3e exemplaar hadden dubbelgevouwen lengte van 155 mm.
    • ladesnaar lengte dubbelgevouwen 98mm, vierkant 1,3mm breed.
  • aandrukrol: 13 x 6 mm as: 2 mm

  • Verder moet je de voeding nakijken, soldeerverbindingen van o.a. de spanningsregelaars.
  • aansluitingen bij de tulpstekers. Er kunnen printbreuken zijn.


  • belt
    • capstanbelt lenght folded flat approx. 150 mm, or a little bit shorter. Width 3 mm, thick 0,5 mm.
    • traybelt length folded flat 98 mm, square 1,3 mm width,
  • pinch roller: 13 x 6 mm, axis: 2 mm.
  • Check power supply; solderings
  • check connections at rca audio plugs. possible board fractures.

initialize a tape

Initialize new tapes, or make them new again: For DCC730 & 951: REWIND, REC SELECT/PAUSE

track numbering

According to the DCC specification, on side B a new track number starts.

So, when recording from CD, and a track overflows from side A, a new tracknumber will be generated at the start of side B.

Therefor, all tracknumber on side B will be the original numbering +1

clean head is displayed

'Clean Head' is displayed when

  • 8 hrs of ACC is played
  • 2 channels or more on DCC tape not detected by DCC head for more than 3 seconds.

In case CLEAN HEAD indication was caused by a temporary bad head-tape contact, the message will disappear after pressing TIME or TEXT key.

Enter Service Test Program

Press 2 keys simultaneously PLAY+STOP and switch power on.


These numbers will be displayed sometimes when an error occurs. The numbers have the following meaning:

00: No error

01: Deck failed
The requested command could not be executed because of a malfunctioning of the mechanics.

02: Tray blocked
This error is issued when the tray has been blocked, although the tray might be moving out again due to this fact. The blocked indication will hence occur very short in the tray status message and could be missed.

03: Tray pulled open
During normal operation the tape drive module has sensed that the tray loader is forced to the open state by the user.

04: Invalid parameter
The parameter going with the last received command is unknown or out of range.

05: No cassette
The command can not be executed since there is no cassette loaded.

06: Digital Audio input but of lock or missing carrier
During recording from a digital input, no input signal is detected. When continuing the recording, undefined data will be recorded which may lead to unpredictable audio during playback. The DDU module will refuse to continue the recording.

07: Digital Audio input has Professional class (unsupported)
During recording from a digital input, a professional source may be detected which is not supported by the DDU module, hence the module will refuse to record from this source.

08: Digital Audio input has non-audio format
During recording from a digital input, the input data may contain computer data instead of audio. The DDU module will refuse to continue the recording.

09: Copy right protection violation (SCMS)
During recording from a digital input, which contains user audio data but which is copyright protected, the DDU module will refuse to continue the recording.

10: Internal DCC chip error
There has an error occurred within the DCC chips on the DDU digital module. When this error persists over a longer period of time, please consult your nearest service officer.

11: Record attempted on write protected tape
A record or auxiliary record or record-pause command is issued while the loaded cassette is write protected or is an A00. The DDU module will refuse to record on such a tape.

12: Non existent search target
The target to search for does not exist on the currently loaded cassette. e.g. search for track number 20 while the tape only contains 12 tracks.

13: Invalid command received
The command which was received is not allowed in this context.

14: Setting not allowed
This error message will be returned when the DDU module is performing a TOG search and a next_previous_count is downloaded.

15: Command overrun
The DDU module has received to many state changing commands in a row to handle. This error occurs whenever a command is received while another command is still waiting for execution. The DDU module will not store a queue of received commands.

16: Signature not yet loaded
The record command will only be accepted by the DDU module after the setmakers signature has been loaded. This will make it possible to identify the recording set of each DCC cassette.

17: Unreliable TOC
During the process of TOC search the DDU module found out that the contents of the TOC does not match the contents of the tape. The search command should be repeated using relative search.

18: Search target could not be found
The requested search target was valid but could not be found, e.g. a direct track search after track number 5 on a super-user tape while track number 5 was removed by after-reoording, or an append search on a full tape.

19: Marker writing not allowed
A request for a marker can be rejected because of the fact that the last recorded marker is not yet 3 tape frames past or a marker is currently being written or the tape is write protected. Also when the requested marker is out of context (lead_in A on side B or reverse maker on side B this error occurs.

20: Not Used.

21: No track numbers on this tape
Attempt to do a track search on a tape with notrack numbers, e,g, search track number 10 on a non-super user tape. Note that a search for track number 1 will always be honoured.

22: No proper super-user tape
The renumber function could not detect a marker on this super user tape or the renumber function was called on a user tape.

23: No TOC available
A direct access search has been requested on a super—user tape which does not have a valid TOC. This search requests can not be honoured.

24: Sector not allowed
Not allowed to change sector in this mode or a sector is requested which is not on the tape, e.g‘. sector D on a 2-sector tape.

25: No user characters loaded
An attempt to record user characters while these are not yet loaded.

26: Clean head
The reproduction of the audio is bad due to dirt on the head. The user should clean it.

27: Marker may not be removed
Attempt to erase a temporary reverse marker or the first start marker on the tape.

28: No search from virgin
A search action can not start from a virgin tape position.

29: Tape drive does not respond
This error occurs when the digital module can not communicate with the tape drive module.

30: Tape fault on tape broken/blocked.

31: Power down detected by tape drive module.