DVDA authoring

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Convert bitrate for dir:

mkdir 96 # make subdir for converted files
for i in *.flac; do sox "$i" "96/$i" rate 96k ; done


  • Audio files must be wav or flac, dvd-compliant:
    • 16 or 24 bit
    • 48 or 96 khz
    • 1-8 channels

and match within each titleset. 20 bit audio is not supported.

create a .ISO with files from directory:

lplex -t pal -c iso -C yes -L yes -l padded *.flac

-t ntsc|pal|secam
-c lpcm|m2v|dvdstyler|mpeg|dvd|iso
--cleanup, -C   yes|no delete interim files when done.
--dir, -d   <dir> output everything to this directory.
--dvdpath, -p   <dir>|adjacent   output dvd files to this directory.
--workpath, -w   <dir>  use this folder for temporary space.
--isopath, -a   <dir>|adjacent  output disc images to this directory.
--extractpath, -E   <dir>|adjacent  extract to this directory.
--unauthor, -u  extract audio from dvd.
--formatout, -f   wav|flac|flac#|raw  extract audio to this format. (flac equals flac8)
--verbose, -v   no|yes
--color, -L   yes|no|dark|bright

--splice, -l   seamless|discrete|padded|none
           splice the tracks together this way.

           How to physically structure the immediate track transition point:

               ("concert" mode - lossless, gapless, unpadded).  Track startpoints will be shifted to where audio  and  video  frames  are  in  alignment,
               ensuring gapless playback and no need for any padding between tracks. Shift direction is determined by the shift setting (see below).

               ("compilation"  mode  - lossless with gaps and padding).  Tracks will be padded with silence to the next full audio frame in order to pre-
               vent stream truncation during multiplexing. A playback gap (equal to video  duration  -  audio  duration)  is  introduced.  An  additional
               half-second pause will also occur during playback because of stc discontinuity.

               ("compilation"  mode  - lossless with padding only).  Tracks will be padded with silence to the next point of a/v frame alignment.  Unlike
               discrete there is technically neither a playback gap nor a discontinuity pause in this model, though the padding is much greater.

               ("as-is" mode - lossy, unpadded, with gaps).  Tracks will be padded to next dvd sample unit if required. Audio will be dropped at the  end
               of each track, unless your files happen to be the exact length to require no truncation.

           The  purpose  of this setting is to achieve clean, efficient transitions and to avoid undesirable playback artifacts such as gaps and pops. It
           is not intended as an audio effect and its scope is always less than one video frame. If you want an extended pause between  tracks  you  must
           include physical silence in your source audio.