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The latest product upgrades, increase optical output! ! !
This product USB direct power supply,
Input: USB input, print port and Android interface, input easily linked computer or mobile phone
Output: output optical! Coaxial! Linear audio! Headphone output!
Easily drive 300 European and American headphones
A finished board, finished machine optional! Black or silver white shell! CNC high-precision machining, pure aluminum chassis structure, 6631 combined with multiple version optimization and improvement, sound sophistication beyond XMOS, Naiting, not irritable! Small exquisite children! !
  Each board test OK delivery, using anti-static packaging .Windows10 automatic identification, you need to drive can contact me
Support coaxial SPDIF '''output'''
Support I2S output can be external decoder
Internal includes ES9023 own decoded audio output
Can connect mobile OTG, recommended player download address
Compatible more stable. By professional PCB full posts, precision parts design. All posts using active low temperature
Support millet box, the other boxes are not all tested, compatible with Apple, PC Computer WindowXP / 7/8/10
Float crystal vibration, high-quality optical fiber to ensure 192K transmission performance.
Support 24bit / 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K,
Usb audio input and up to 32BIT 192K audio input onboard three Panasonic gold capacitors, high-precision active crystal oscillator, the latest version of the optimized wiring, better indicators!
Output 1: Audio Input with ES9023 High-Precision Decode IC with Internal Drive Circuit High Thrust
Output 2: I2S output, can be connected to other DA devices
Output 3: SPDIF output! That is a coaxial output and optical output

Brand Name:Olive Leaf
D/A Converter:CM6631A
Model Number: Sound Card USB to I2S
DSD Sampling Frequencies:None
Outputs:RCA,3.5 mm
PCM Word Length:24-bit,32-bit
PCM Sampling Frequencies:192 kHz
USB Compatibility:IOS,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows 7
Inputs:USB Type-B,USB Type-A