Teac A-3440

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As an A-3440 enthusiast, I'm glad to hear you were able to get the issue resolved, thanks to Sam, he's the man!

I'm just curious if you can check the serial # on the back of yours, which indicates the manufacturing date (the digits on the right side of the s/n). I believe the A-3440 was introduced in '78 (not sure if was the beginning of the year, or more toward later), along with its matching 2A mixer. (My older brother bought one new back in '79, when I was a teenager).

The Tascam 34 came out in '82-'83, but I find it interesting that the A-3440 didnt seem to be discontinued, and was still being made at the same time as the 34. Does anyone recall what the $ price difference between them was?, just curious. I have a collection of Teac/Tascam literature, and it appears that the A-3440 and 2A were still around as late as 1984. Anyone know if the 40-4 made it that far as well?

I was also curious if there were any revisions made to the A-3440 during its production run. Is an '83 A-3440 exactly identical to a '78 model, or are any circuit boards and components, etc different? I know the Model 2 (2A) mixer had a few slight changes- the knob colors and fader controls, and also had the raised meter bridge with faux-wood panels... Just a few lil' details I find interesting, if anyone else might also relate.

Tapetech,Yes .the two micro swt's that the tension arm makes contact with.The one that engages the pinch roller was bad.Teac p/n is 51300010.