How to connect to server on strange port, or when you're behind a firewall

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cpuxxxx -> FW -> intermediateserver -> targetserver

22......-> 22 -> 22.................-> portnumber_on_targetserver


On cpuxxxx:

ssh -L portnumber_on_targetserver:targetserver:portnumber_on_targetserver username_on_intermediateserver@intermediateserver

Leave terminal open!

Then on cpuxxxx again:

ssh -YC username_on_targetserver@localhost -p portnumber_on_targetserver

That's it!!

Copy files

from here tot server:

scp -P portnumber_on_targetserver file user@localhost:/path/were/to/put/it/

from server to local:

scp -P portnumber_on_targetserver user@localhost:/path/were/to/get/it/from/ .

mount filesystem over ssh using sshfs

sshfs user@localhost:/data/videos/ mnt/ -p portnumber


from server to localdisk:

rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p PORTNUMBER' USER@localhost:/data/htdocs/motion/ /data/motion/

Start Konversation from behind a firewall

ssh -L
konversation --server localhost

Start Pidgin from home to wzs

  • in a terminal typ:
ssh -L root@wzs
  • leave terminal open
  • start pidgin and fill in:
server: localhost
port: 8300

reverse tunnel

  • From the machine at work, create a tunnel to your machine running ssh at home:
randolf@workserver:~$ ssh -vvv randolf@myhomeserver -R 44455:localhost:22

This will forward the remote port 44455 from your home server to port 22 (or whichever port ssh is listening on) on your work machine.

  • From home, check to see if anything is listening on 44455
randolf@homeserver:~$ netstat -an | grep 44455
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN 
  • Next, to connect from home to your work machine, from your home server:
randolf@homeserver:~$ ssh localhost -p 44455
Password: ******

From there you should be connected to your work machine via your tunnel.