Calculate level (dBu or dBV) to voltage (V)

This calculator converts a given signal level in dBu or dBV to the appropriate voltage level.
Just enter either a level in dBu or in dBV, depending on your reference level.
Example: your manual specifies you need a signal level of -24 dBu. You can calculate the corresponding voltage here.

PLEASE NOTE: levels are as follows:

0 dBu uses 0.775 Volt as base level. Used in domestic environments.
0 dBV uses 1 Volt as base level. This is the professional level.

Since dBu is referenced to a smaller value, the same voltage will always come out 2.2 dB higher when referenced to dBu than when referenced to dBV.
For example, 6 V = 15.56 dBV, but 17.78 dBu.

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What is the level in dBV:

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